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The study of making-do contributes to improvements in the planning and control of construction sites, thus minimizing waste. The present study aims to investigate and analyze waste by making-do in seven companies from Goiás with the aid of a Dashboard and perform the risk analysis of the identified waste. Data were analyzed during technical visits at each site, among which the direct non-participant observation, questionnaire application and document analysis stand out. The analysis of the data indicated that most of waste is related to steps of sealing and structure within the construction sites, in particular, for components connected to plastering and concreting. The main impact of waste by making-do was rework followed by reduced security. The risk analysis was able to identify the main points according to their severity, which guided management and decision making. As final contributions, the main impacts and suggestions to minimize them are presented. Therefore, the aim to study making-do is highlighted in view of its relation with other areas of construction, mainly linked to the quality and safety of construction sites.

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