The Community Media Destinations pilot research project interrogates the experiences of people working in the creative and cultural industries, who spent significant time in the Australian community broadcasting sector. Examining the impact of community broadcasting participation on career pathways recognises the historical role that community radio stations and people have played in shaping the Australian media landscape.

The case studies were compiled through a multi-method qualitative approach that relied heavily on an in-depth interview with each participant, incorporated with background ‘armchair’ research and personal/ professional knowledge of the sector. The research makes clear that the Australian community media sector plays an important and multi-faceted role in the professional development of its practitioners.

It identifies four key themes:

  • Career Pathways - while somewhat fluid, a direct and tangible contribution to employment opportunities.
  • Skills development and training - a broad suite of skills which prepared for future employment and personal development.
  • Connections and networks - central to shaping personal and professional pathways.
  • Instilling a sense of social responsibility - influential on future career pathways and personal lives.

These themes constitute a framework for further research into the impact of community media on employment pathways and career trajectories.

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