Drawing from fifty deeply reflective, one-on-one interviews, this report explores and synthesises how established and emerging leaders from different parts of this complex system understand it in its current incarnation, and how they believe it might be transformed to ensure intergenerational success.

The report opens by examining interviewees’ perspectives on the future, then outlines the strong common ground between definitions of success for Australia. Following this is an in-depth discussion about several trends that interviewees identified as having a strong influence on how Australia’s future is made. The report then delves into whether change is required and, if so, what types of change are needed. It closes by identifying four leverage points that, if addressed, have catalytic potential to positively transform Australia’s future-making system:

  • Articulating and embracing an inclusive Australian identity
  • Authorising and embracing success paradigms beyond GDP
  • Enabling and embracing constructive discourse
  • Engaging with and embracing public wisdom in decision-making

As Recoded continues, Next25 will engage the system to gain a deeper understanding of the findings in this report and choose one of the leverage points to take action on.

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Four leverage points to improve how Australia makes its future

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