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Smarter data: the use and utility of administrative data in Victorian courts and tribunals

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In 2019, the Victoria Law Foundation (VLF) commenced the Data Mapping Project to investigate the current state of data across key parts of the Victorian civil justice system. The project examines the use and utility of Victoria’s civil justice administrative data and looks at what data is available; its accuracy and consistency; how data is currently used; and what needs to be done to improve its ability to answer access to justice questions. The project aims to better understand the legal and related needs and experiences of Victorians to provide evidence for better policy and practice.

The project is in three stages, which together map the administrative data landscape of the Victorian civil justice sector. The first explores the administrative data available in the Victorian legal assistance sector. The second looks at courts and tribunals and the third, other dispute resolution and complaint bodies.

This report is the second in the series, and examines the data collected by Victorian courts and tribunals.

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