Pacific prosperity through social enterprise

A Rubric for policy, planning and practice
Social enterprise Pacific people Economic development New Zealand

In 2019, a Pacific Social Enterprise model was created by the New Zealand government, in collaboration with Pacific Island communities. It was acknowledged achieving better outcomes for Pacific communities in Aotearoa required an alternative approach to thinking and decision-making, particularly related to Government investments.

This project confirms that achieving better economic and social outcomes for Pacific people requires an approach based on effective collaboration, relationships, and reciprocal understanding that aligns with Pacific development values and principles. Pacific communities have long requested an approach that is culturally responsive, recognising the strengths Pacific people have and their ability to drive their own innovative solutions.

The new rubric presented in this report provides a well-evidenced model for understanding the core elements of Pacific social enterprise, which in turn can inform future investments and planning of sustainable Pacific social enterprise models, unlocking the potential of Pacific communities, families and successful enterprises.

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