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Conference proceedings

Creating healthy and liveable cities in Australasia is a major challenge, made more urgent by the current COVID-19 pandemic, population shift due to urbanisation, ageing, growing health inequities and climate change. City planning decisions made today will impact on the health of urban populations for generations to come. Many sectors are involved in shaping city health and liveability: urban design, transport, land use planning, housing, economic development, parks and recreation, urban agriculture, community services and energy/water management. Papers in this track bring together academics, tertiary students, policymakers and practitioners from diverse disciplines to explore how our cities are impacting health behaviours, risk factors and outcomes, and how cities can be more resilient and equitable in the decades ahead. Researchers were invited to showcase recent studies on city health and liveability and practitioners to present possible solutions, multi-sectoral engagement and best-practice examples to create healthy, liveable communities. This track is an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to learn from each other and to build a collaborative relationship in which health-related research can inform the policies and practices of relevant sectors.

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