Tough times, hard choices

Struggling households and the rising cost-of-living in NSW
Cost and standard of living Low socioeconomic status Poverty New South Wales

Undertaken by the Institute of Public Policy and Governance, from the University of Technology Sydney, this research engaged 1,025 New South Wales residents through an online survey and 22 of these respondents through additional focus groups and interviews.

The report explores experiences across a range of issues such as housing, employment, income and financial hardship. It also analyses these experiences by demographic group including household type, income group and location, with some findings available at Statistical Area 4 level.

This research highlights that across NSW, low-income households and those below the poverty line are at breaking point. It gives an indication of the distress that the rapid increase in everyday living costs is causing, and the extreme steps households are taking. This aligns with reports from NCOSS member organisations of rising demand, greater complexity of need and the increased psychological distress of those seeking support.

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