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Climate change action plan 2022–25: draft for consultation

The NSW Environment Protection Authority’s plan to address climate change and protect the environment
Environmental management Environmental impacts Climate change Climate change mitigation Sector regulation New South Wales

The purpose of this draft action plan is to describe how the NSW EPA will deliver on the objectives of the policy. It outlines the specific actions that will be taken over the next three years, as part of an evolving regulatory response to climate change.

The action plan’s objectives are to:

  • complement, support and build on existing and new NSW Government policy and action on climate change
  • respond to the community’s increasing expectation that the EPA provides a strong regulatory response to climate change
  • design actions to address climate change that are aligned with the principles of ecologically sustainable development and will generate broad benefits for the economy, environment, human health and Aboriginal cultural values
  • build the knowledge base to better inform approaches to regulating the causes and consequences of climate change, within the regulatory remit, as they evolve
  • support the regulated community and regulatory partners to build their own understanding and capacity to address climate change, where needed
  • support the proactive steps the regulated community and regulatory partners are already taking
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