One country, many voices BCA 2012 Indigenous engagement survey

26 Nov 2012

More than 2,000 Indigenous employees have been hired and more than 700 Indigenous traineeships created through Business Council of Australia member company efforts in the past 12 months, efforts which are now impacting across diverse parts of the economy.
The results are included in the Business Council’s 2012 Indigenous Engagement Survey, launched today by President Tony Shepherd. The fourth annual survey conducted by the Business Council shows significant growth in the collective Indigenous workforce among members companies and the important influence staff and shareholder expectations have on Indigenous engagement activities.
The 2012 survey attracted a record 81 per cent response rate from member companies (up from 74 per cent last year), with 76 per cent of respondents reporting they had formal Indigenous engagement strategies in place. “While the mining and financial services sectors have been trailblazers in this area, the survey shows that companies from diverse parts of the economy are now involved in this effort,” Mr Shepherd said. “Indigenous engagement is fast becoming an essential aspect of business practice among Australia’s large companies,” he said. “Employers see it as a practical way of contributing to significant social change that simultaneously makes them better businesses, and employees are starting to really value and expect it in the workplace.”

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