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Building effective system-wide disability research capacity in Australia

What does it look like and how do we get there?
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This research was commissioned by the National Disability Research Partnership (NDRP) and was designed to examine strategies to develop disability research capacity in Australia.

Building research capacity across all stakeholders involved in disability research will require resources to develop both individual research capacity and wider system change. It will require improved partnerships and information sharing between stakeholders, additional resources, and valuing multiple sources of knowledge and skills. It will also require power sharing and, in some cases, relinquishing power.

In this report, the authors have outlined several steps that may be taken to achieve this. Most of all, building effective system-wide disability research capacity in Australia will require changes in mindsets so that more people with disability can become sector leaders, high-level researchers and direct and lead programs of disability research – as the saying goes, ‘nothing about us without us’.

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