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This guidance is for members of the general public, industry and other stakeholders who require information about the Basic Online Safety Expectations, also known as ‘the Expectations’. The Expectations are a key part of the Online Safety Act 2021 (the Act), and focus on ensuring providers of social media services, messaging services, gaming services, file sharing services and other apps and certain other sites accessible from Australia, take reasonable steps to keep Australians safe online. The aim is to increase the transparency and accountability of online service providers, thereby helping to incentivise and improve safety standards.

This guidance provides information on:

  • how providers should seek to implement the Expectations
  • how eSafety intends to approach compliance and enforcement
  • how providers can share basic information, such as contact details, with eSafety, as required by the Expectations
  • how providers should respond to requests for information, notices or determinations from eSafety
  • providers’ review rights. 
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