This project reports on a pilot evaluation of Tell Touch - a digital communication application. The evaluation had two purposes. Firstly, the developers of Tell Touch wanted to understand the benefits and challenges of instigating a full evaluation of Tell Touch.  Secondly, the effectiveness of Tell Touch as a communication platform for complaints and feedback handling in an Aged Care Home was examined from the perspective of the staff who use the application tool.

Tell Touch was developed as a feedback and complaints application tool (app) for use in Aged Care Homes (ACHs). The objective of the app is to improve the quality of care provided to residents by facilitating ACHs to be more consumer-oriented and comply with or exceed the four requirements of the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQ&SC) Standard 6.

Findings suggest a full evaluation of Tell Touch is feasible using the research design, tools and methods adopted in this project.  Furthermore, early findings from this pilot evaluation indicate Tell Touch does meet the purposes for which it was developed; that is it is an effective IT communication platform for complaints and feedback handling in ACHs.

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