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Queensland's green tape crisis: an analysis of the growth of Queensland's environmental bureaucracy and agricultural sector

Bureaucracy Agriculture Sustainable agricultural production Environmental management Conservation Red tape Queensland
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This report estimates the size and growth of Queensland’s environmental bureaucracy since the year 2000, and compares it against the size and growth of Queensland’s agricultural sector.

Key recommendations:

  • The Queensland government should implement a moratorium on all new environmental regulations being imposed on the agricultural sector for the next five years.
  • The state government must introduce a one-in-two-out approach to introducing new regulation, whereby two pieces of regulation are repealed for every new one introduced.
  • The state and federal government should coordinate and remove all environmental regulatory duplications affecting primary producers in Queensland.

In addition to these economy-wide recommendations, the authors also suggest a number of specific reform agendas to cut red tape and enhance the prosperity and output of Queensland’s agricultural sector - listed in the Appendix.

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