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Understanding the elements of employment support

Explaining the Evidence for Reform Series Paper 2
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The Centre for Social Impact (CSI) has undertaken a range of research related to the employment needs of people with disability over several years, in addition to a substantial body of research related to social enterprise. The Explaining the Evidence for Reform Series, commissioned by Inclusion Australia, draws on this research and synthesises its evidence in relation to people with intellectual disability. In addition, CSI researchers undertook a rapid review of evidence relating to the Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE) sector drawing on published studies, policies and reports; the publicly available aspects of the Buyability data set (managed by the National Disability Services); and a desktop review of ADEs. Together, this research base was organised to present evidence in five papers, and a ‘Logic for Reform’ paper as an overview of the underpinning logic emerging from the research.

This paper explains the range of employment supports that should be available, and the extent to which they are provided in the current system.

Papers in the series are:


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Explaining the Evidence for Reform Series Paper 2