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New Zealand's internet insights 2022

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This report outlines the findings from the 2022 survey conducted for InternetNZ to identify and understand the public’s use of the internet, what they think about it and any concerns they may have. It also measures awareness of InternetNZ and what New Zealanders’ perceive as its role.

This years’ research shows that we have some groups in Aotearoa — most notably Pacific Peoples and women — who are much more concerned than others about certain aspects of the internet. It also highlights that Māori are less likely to feel that the positives of the internet outweigh the negatives.

It reveals that only 4/10 New Zealanders know where to report concerning content they see online. And it tells us where these people would report it. 

It includes interesting stats about the amount of New Zealanders working remotely and how many of us would pick up and move somewhere else in New Zealand if they could be fully remote (it’s over half of us who have a job that allows them to work from home!)


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