Millions of customers are migrating from a traditional copper telephone network to a high speed National Broadband Network (NBN). This change reflects the growing importance of internet services to society and the economy in Australia.

However, it has required Australians to consider what kind of communications services they need and how they might use those services.

This gives consumers an opportunity to make a choice about who they want as a retail service provider and what services they need.

As services delivered over the NBN have different characteristics, consumers now have the ability to make decisions based on a range of factors.

Retail service providers are the main point of contact for consumers. They have a responsibility to ensure consumers can make an informed choice about their services during the necessary transition to the NBN.

This guide presents an opportunity for retail service providers to support their customers in making the best choice.

This guide helps providers develop better information for consumers about key elements of the NBN. It suggests a range of good practices which support better consumer decision-making and assist consumers to choose appropriate plans to suit their needs.

This includes suggestions relating to:

  • How key facts about NBN services can be drawn out;
  • The type of language used; and
  • Optimal length, order and presentation of plan information.

This guide has been developed for retail service providers so they can consider the way consumers make decisions when they are developing materials for their customers.

Research by the ACMA shows that the better informed a consumer is about the NBN services they are selecting, the more satisfied they are with the resulting service.

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