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Our epidemic of loneliness and isolation 2023

The U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory on the healing effects of social connection and community
Mental health promotion Mental health Public health Wellbeing Social wellbeing Social connection United States of America

This Advisory calls attention to the importance of social connection for individual health as well as on community-wide metrics of health and well-being, and conversely the significant consequences when social connection is lacking. While social connection is often considered an individual challenge, this advisory explores and explains the cultural, community, and societal dynamics that drive connection and disconnection.

It also offers recommendations for increasing and strengthening social connection through a whole-of-society approach. The Advisory presents a framework for a national strategy with specific recommendations for the institutions that shape our day-to-day lives: governments, health care systems and insurers, public health departments, research institutions, philanthropy, schools, workplaces, community-based organisations, technology companies, and the media.

The findings and recommendations in the advisory are also informed by consultations with subject matter experts from academia, health care, education, government, and other sectors of society, including more than 50 identified experts who reviewed and provided individual detailed feedback on an early draft that has informed this Advisory.

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