Australia in the Asian century: implementation plan

9 Apr 2013

The transformation of Asia into the world’s most dynamic economic region is the defining development of our time. What individuals, businesses and governments do to build Australia’s capabilities and its connections with Asia will determine how Australia fares in the Asian Century.

To this end, the Australian Government commissioned the White Paper on Australia in the Asian Century, released on 28 October 2012. It is a wide-reaching policy document, setting ambitious targets for the country to achieve by 2025.

Targets cannot be reached without setting goals and timeframes for implementation. While the timeframe to achieve the White Paper’s objectives is 2025, some policy choices and actions must start now, with the Australian Government already taking the first steps.

The Australian Government has established implementation arrangements for the pathways in the White Paper. This document details the governance structures it will put in place to work with State and Territory and local governments, businesses and educational institutions, unions, academics and community groups to achieve the White Paper’s 25 objectives. It also outlines progress already made against longer-term targets and communicates how and when the Government will report on its progress on the White Paper’s objectives.

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