Food and fuel forever

20 May 2013

This report argues that a new industry has the scope to make Australia 100% self-sufficient in transport fuels and food.

Key points:

  • Australia has just 23 days’ supply of fuel in the pipeline: a major oil crisis could cripple our economy within days.
  • Algae culture has the potential to make Australia 100 per cent self-sufficient in transport fuels and food.
  • It can create major new industries in aquaculture, plastics, textiles, health food, paper, industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals.
  • It can generate an estimated $50 billion in new revenue and create over 50,000 new jobs, mainly in regional Australia.
  • Australia’s endowment of sunlight makes it one of the world’s richest oil provinces of the 21st Century.
  • Australia needs an accelerated national R&D effort into algae culture and algal biofuels, coupled with a national investment plan to capture this opportunity.


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