The future land warfare report 2013

Defence International relations Australia

This paper presents the Australian Army's assessment of the future land operating environment out to 2035.

The paper builds on Complex Warfighting 2004 and Adaptive Campaigning Future Land Operating Concept 2009 to describe the characteristics of the evolving environment in which the future land force (within a joint construct) will fight.

In any discussion of future war, it is important to understand the predominant themes and meta-trends which will define the nature of such conflict. These trends, namely: crowded, connected, lethal, collective, and constrained, will be inter-linked, with activities in one influencing the others. Together, these trends will define the operating environment.

The Future Land Warfare Report draws on agreed Government and Departmental sources and is written to invigorate, re-focus and prioritise Army’s capability-based and concept-led approach to total force modernisation. The changing global environment continues to challenge our common assumptions. However the common themes that will define the operational art out to 2035 are joint integration, decision superiority and the application of rapid overmatching power at decisive points.

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