Tasmania’s place in the Asian Century White Paper

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Prepared in partnership between the Tasmanian Government and the Australian National University’s Crawford School of Public Policy, this paper provides a start to thinking about Tasmania’s future in Asia, and lays out a comprehensive plan for leveraging the federal implementation strategy. The most important role for government will be to catalyse engagement across the community as a whole. Businesses, schools and universities must be encouraged to respond in constructive and effective ways to realise the Asian century opportunity.

Tasmania’s Asian Century White Paper establishes the policy framework that will shape the Government’s efforts to support the state’s engagement with Asia over the next 10 years.

The White Paper identifies nine strategic goals:

  1. Increase the size and skill base of Tasmania’s workforce.
  2. Help shape Tasmania’s demographic trajectory and address Tasmania’s low cultural and economic awareness of Asia.
  3. Establish Hobart as a world-class international, liveable, waterfront city with flow-on benefits for Tasmanians through greater Asian investment, tourism opportunities and improved access to Asian markets.
  4. Optimise Tasmania’s infrastructure connecting the state to Asian markets and opportunities.
  5. Increase the scale of production in areas of strength by improving connections to Asian markets and achieving efficiencies in production, logistics and marketing.
  6. Build on established export strengths in minerals, metals, forestry, food, energy, manufacturing, sustainable development and consulting services.
  7. Increase exports of food and beverages to Asian markets, with a focus on competitively priced quality foods for Asia’s growing middle class and the marketing of premium products to Asia’s high-income consumers.
  8. Support the transformation of Tasmania’s manufacturing to take advantage of international value chains and to leverage off continued innovation in areas of strength.
  9. Establish Hobart as a gateway for Asia to access the Antarctic continent and Southern Ocean based on a world-class research hub and direct logistical support.


Tasmania’s Place in the Asian Century White Paper and Evidence Base

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