Review into the treatment of women at the Australian Defence Force Academy: audit report

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The Report of the Review into the Treatment of Women at ADFA (November 2011) (ADFA Report) made 31 wide ranging recommendations to effect significant cultural change.

The ADF accepted all the recommendations made – 30 in full and one in principle.

The Audit team does not expect that cultural change of the scale envisaged by the Review will have been achieved within 12 months. This is unrealistic. However the first 12 months are a critical window in which real change can commence or stall.

The Audit commenced in September 2012 and was completed in February 2013 with some additional clarifying material received in March 2013. Any reference in this report to the completion of the Audit refers to the end of February 2013.

The Audit conducted its assessment of progress based on inquiry and evidence from a range of sources, rather than simply conducting a compliance audit. Where possible, the Audit triangulated evidence from documentation, qualitative data from focus groups and interviews and, where relevant, its own observations and/or survey data.

The Audit was focussed on the processes involved in implementing the Review recommendations as well as, where possible, the reach or impact of the recommendations.

The scope of the Audit was to review and analyse evidence of the implementation of the Review’s recommendations by:

  • Identifying and assessing the management actions taken to implement and monitor the recommendations
  • Interviewing staff responsible for implementing recommendations
  • Reviewing supporting documentation
  • Calling for and analysing submissions
  • Offering a 1800 number for those who wish to speak with the Audit team
  • Interviews and focus groups with undergraduates
  • Interviews and focus groups with staff
  • Observation of key events/processes
  • Analysis of survey data.
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