Implementation of the Strengthening Community Organisations Action Plan

Community development Australia Victoria

Community organisations are a significant provider of services, including health, education, aged care, social services, and sport and recreational activities. They play an important role in enhancing liveability, and promoting social inclusion and community life.

In 2008, the then government released The Victorian Government’s Action Plan: Strengthening Community Organisations. The action plan was developed as a result of two government commissioned reviews, which examined the challenges facing the community sector. The Office for the Community Sector (OCS) was established to lead the plan’s implementation.

OCS has made good progress in implementing the action plan and delivering its main outputs. It played a valuable role in connecting community organisations and coordinating activities across government, which assisted with sector engagement, coordination and delivery of specific actions under the plan.

While the majority of actions and outputs under the plan were completed, there were weaknesses in some aspects of planning, implementation and evaluation. This means OCS cannot demonstrate that the intended outcomes of the action plan were fully achieved or that the plan was implemented efficiently and effectively. OCS should improve its project planning and management practices to increase the likelihood that its future initiatives and programs will be successfully implemented.

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