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Aged care in Australia: part II – industry and practice

10 Apr 2014


Population ageing is likely to result in more people requiring care. Australia’s aged care system is the set of public, private and community institutions that offer care interventions to older people suffering chronic illnesses, disability, or physical and cognitive decline. It is also the subject of an evolving reform agenda, so a wide understanding of how it operates is critical.

This is the second of two research briefs surveying aged care in Australia. The briefs combine a range of data and latest insights as they seek to capture the ongoing conversation between policy and academia, particularly relating to research emanating from CEPAR.

The first brief took a top-down approach and covered care demand and the overall policy and funding framework. This brief takes a bottom-up approach, looking at aged care on the ground by describing care recipients, providers, the workforce, and access and quality issues.

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