The NANA project: a new architecture for the new aged that advocates a better built environment for older people

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In search of new approaches to aged care, the NANA Project studied 13 residential developments in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Netherlands.

The traditional ‘nursing home’ and ‘retirement village’ are not only outdated, they can actually foster separation and ‘otherness’, isolating people from their family, friends and interests. The aim of this project is to explore how architects can design better environments for older people that improve their enjoyment of life. It starts with rethinking some of our design language.

This research proposes three objectives, and eight features to inform a new architecture for the new aged. The three objectives include:

• Happiness
• Normality
• Equality

The eight features include:

• Windows to the world
• Space grace
• The great outdoors
• Small is beautiful
• Freedom to choose
• Belonging
• Integration
• Something to do.

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