Electoral redistributions during the 44th Parliament

29 May 2014

There are expected to be four redistributions occurring prior to the expiration of the 44th Parliament. This paper outlines the reasons why.

Key points:

  • The periodic redrawing of electoral boundaries is required by law to maintain electoral divisions of roughly equal enrolment size within a state or territory. Redrawing of boundaries is known as a redistribution.
  • During the expected life of the 44th Parliament there will be redistributions in New South Wales and Western Australia brought about by the representation entitlement trigger which determines the number of members of the House of Representatives a state or territory is entitled to in relation to its population. It is expected that New South Wales will lose a division and Western Australia will gain a division.
  • There will be redistributions in the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory because of the seven year provision in the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918. It is expected that the number of electoral divisions will remain unchanged in both cases.
  • The redistribution of Tasmania, also due because of the seven year provision, will be deferred until after the next election because it is scheduled to fall within 12 months of the deemed expiration of the House of Representatives.
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