A federation for the 21st century

27 Oct 2014

A Federation for the 21st Century examines:

  • The key challenges for a federation in the 21st century
  • The potential for reforming the way government organises and delivers services
  • The relationship between the Commonwealth and state governments in relation to funding, investment and infrastructure
  • Local versus national requirements for services and regulation
  • Engaging with state and Commonwealth policy makers to increase Australia's long-term economic and social prosperity

Chapters and authors:

Section 1: Context

Chapter 1.1
The historical context of Australia's Federation
Professor John Cole

Chapter 1.2
Economic perspectives on federalism
Professor Bhajan Grewal

Chapter 1.3
Federalism and diversity in Australia
Professor Nicholas Aroney

Section 2: Critical interdependencies

Chapter 2.1
The culture of Commonwealth and state relations
Jennifer Menzies

Chapter 2.2
The legality of federal government expenditure
Professor Anne Twomey

Chapter 2.3
Regulatory setting within the Australian Federation
Dr Tina Hunter

Chapter 2.4
Performance comparison in Australian federalism
Alan Fenna

Section 3: Determining roles, responsibilities and functions

Chapter 3.1
Criteria for assigning roles and responsibilities in the Federation
Professor Kenneth Wiltshire

Chapter 3.2
Virtual local government
Professor Percy Allan AM

Chapter 3.3
The need for strong metropolitan governance within the Federation
Lucy Hughes Turnbull AO

Chapter 3.4
Providing public infrastructure in Australia
Bree O'Connell and Brad Vann

Chapter 3.5
Roles and responsibilities in the Federation
Tanya Smith

Section 4: A reform agenda

Chapter 4.1
Reforming the Federation
The Hon. John Brumby

Chapter 4.2
Governments, subsidiarity and saving the Federation
Terry Moran AC

Chapter 4.3
Case study of reform in the Federation: Vocational Education and Training
Dr Vince FitzGerald and Professor Peter Noonan

Chapter 4.4
Entrenched disadvantage: Helping remote indigenous communities
The Hon. Fred Chaney AO and Professor Ian Marsh

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