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All living things are diminished: breaking the national consensus on the environment

18 Nov 2014

All living things are diminished: Breaking the national consensus on the environment was authored by The Honourable Bob Debus AM - lawyer and broadcaster; NGO leader; and longserving politician in the NSW and Federal Parliaments.

"Our history shows that some substantial degree of national political consensus is necessary for the long‐term advancement of nature conservation and sustainable production," Debus says.

"It is well worth recalling that the issue of climate change was, at an earlier time, addressed at the domestic level with a degree of bipartisanship. The Coalition Opposition under Andrew Peacock and John Hewson possessed substantial greenhouse gas reduction targets."

Debus contrasts the history of a consensus on key environmental policy directions hewn from debate, compromise and negotiation. He chronicles the reversal and decline associated with the disruption of the current evolving environmental settlement.

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