Smart cities, digital skins

16 Nov 2014

Imagine a city where everything from the cars to the street lights to the traffic bridges are connected. Where censors and beacons pepper the urban environment.

Imagine a city where all of those internet-connected objects are networked, giving the metropolis a second layer of infrastructure – a digital skin.

The 'Smart city' of tomorrow promises reduced utility costs, more efficient environmental management and brighter economic prospects. Developing cities with digital skins is an ambition, but it’s one that’s already on the way to being realised in Europe and the ‘States.

In this panel discussion, recorded recently at Federation Square in Melbourne we explore the notion of the hyper-connected polis. The event was organised by the City of Melbourne/Melbourne Conversations, as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week.


William Confalonieri is the Chief Digital Officer with Deakin University.

Professor Marimuthu Palaniswami is the Director of Intelligent Sensors in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Melbourne.

Vanessa Toholka is a technology broadcaster with RRR FM in Melbourne and a Knowledge Management Consultant with the law firm Minter Ellison.

Martin Janse van Rensburg works for Cisco Systems Inc, and is a member of Cisco’s ‘Internet of Everything’ Steering Committee.

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