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NICTA submission on the NSW Government ICT Strategic Framework

24 Nov 2011

The consultation draft provides a wide-ranging, high level approach which we think defines an appropriate framework for leveraging ICT for the benefit of NSW citizens. We would also like to underline areas of emphasis we think may contribute to the plan as well provide some commentary on technology and research where we think there are potential opportunities for NSW.

High Level Comments

Engagement – the draft outlines a foundation for engagement of government, industryand research stakeholders. We would add to this the need for frequent, small interactions which develop an ongoing conversation among stakeholders. This is especially important with state agencies involved in service delivery such as DEC and Transport NSW. Such a process could be started through the governance arrangements outlined. We would also emphasise the need for citizen engagement. If government services are to be citizen-centric then it is important that citizens are involved intimately in their development, evaluation and evolution.

Empowering government staff – the draft recognises the need to provide government staff with needed skills, and in the “Ongoing engagement” section mentions the “freedom to innovate”. Developing the “freedom to innovate” will need consolidated effort as it can often be seen as weakening control or increasing risk. Managed properly it can be used to support senior management initiatives quickly and efficiently. Examples may include allowing staff to “BYO” computing and mobile devices, allowing front-line staff to experiment with public cloud or to collaborate using tools such as Google Docs.

Growth and innovation of the ICT industry – the investment and productivity section of the draft mentions the need to support growth and innovation in the local industry and use this to drive productivity gains. With a $2B annual spend there is a large opportunity to foster local industry, and we feel it will be important to develop this concept in some detail, especially in light of the need to balance local industry development with global best practice.


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