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We are in midst of a generational change in the way our economy operates with several inter-connected trends impacting us simultaneously.

Over the next decade the economy will need to re-organise itself to take advantage of the increasingly compelling power and utility of mobile devices and new opportunities presented through the use of cloud computing. To take advantage of this, we need skilled people who know how to provide services relevant to the cloud and get benefit out of the cloud. We will also need to train or attract large numbers of people who know how to optimise delivery of services and content over the mobile devices that are increasingly becoming our primary form of interacting with the digital world. To gain the full benefit of this transformation also means that the NSW public need to be aware of the capabilities of new technology and can engage with it.

Alongside this transformation is the now potent ability of computers to draw insight from vast amounts of data and to help us optimise the use of precious physical resources like transport networks, energy and water. This insight can be used as input to planning, in real-time to better manage traffic and safety, to predict problems, to understand the bottlenecks in the health system, or to generally increase productivity.

NSW is well-placed to take advantage of these trends with examples of world-leading practice in many areas. The task before us to encourage us to move as much of the NSW economy into the digital realm as possible so as to take advantage of the benefits possible as this occurs.

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