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NICTA submission on the NSW Government Professional Services Industry Action Plan

31 Jan 2012


This submission is written from the viewpoint of how ICT and digital technology can support the NSW Professional Services industry and how Government might foster that support. There are several areas Government initiatives could have significant impact:

  • To encourage the rapid digitisation of our economy by removing the need for paper, physical presence, and improving trust and education around totally electronic transactions and service delivery.
  • Given our strong Australian dollar there also needs to be an emphasis on moving to the provision of higher value services and, perhaps most importantly, making tools to automate service provision. These tools will not only improve the productivity of Australian workers, but also provide potential export opportunities in their own right.
  • Improve education and awareness of the potential of new ICT technology.
  • Use tele-presence and online collaborative tools to deliver services more efficiently, and also to allow easy scaling by drawing on remotely located professionals where needed.
  • Provide regulatory support for enabling ICT trends like Cloud computing and telework.
  • Have Government position itself as a leader in the use of digital technology to enable services.


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