Research identifiers: national approaches to ORCID and ISNI implementation

31 Jul 2015

More and more countries are making collected efforts to provide ORCID identifiers for their researchers and encouraging implementation of ORCID iDs into the national and local research information infrastructure.

In June 2015, Knowledge Exchange brought together representatives from its five member countries for a Knowledge Exchange Workshop on National approaches to ORCID and ISNI implementation. The aim of the workshop was to share national perspectives on ORCID and ISNI, including the challenges, solutions and lessons learned with regards to implementation of ORCID and ISNI on a national scale. Issues discussed included legal and regulatory challenges, authentication and integration and also outstanding issues of functionality, interoperability, policy and sustainability.

This report gives an account of the meeting and presents some outstanding challenges, some possible solutions and begins to take stock and look ahead; what lessons have we learned that should we take into account when moving on to organisational and other identifiers?

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