The Victoria Police Mental Health Review is an independent review into the mental health and wellbeing of Victoria Police employees.

The 90-page review highlights a need for change in the culture of Victoria Police to eradicate the stigma attached to mental illness and help seeking. It also highlights a need for greater access to mental health literacy and support services for Victoria Police employees during and after their careers, as well as for their families.

The review was led by Clinical and Organisational Psychologist, Dr Peter Cotton, and was supported by Peter Bull (retired superintendent), Nancy Hogan (senior healthcare executive) and Maryanne Lynch (senior research consultant).

Together the review team received over 450 contacts from individuals and groups; including employees of all levels across the organisation and their families, as well as former employees and their families.

From these submissions the review team critically examined how Victoria Police can best deliver wellbeing services to support employees throughout their career and into their post-Victoria Police lives.

Key recommendations include increased education and training around mental health, greater focus on welfare of employees by leaders and enhanced services for members, retired members and their families.

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