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The average Australian expenditure on fresh fruits and vegetables is only about 0.1% per week of total food and non-alcoholic beverage expenditure. This has a current challenge towards a long-term sustainability of the organic farms and organisation. The aim of this paper is to segment the Australian consumer markets by taking the four major market segmentation dimensions, including, demographic, geographic, psychographic and behavioural dimensions. A number of variable of each of these dimensions were considered, and subsequently, a nationwide survey was conducted and various statistical tools were used to analyse the dataset. The key market segmentation variables for the Australian organic food market are: gender, age, annual household income, educational qualification, state-territories, metro-regional, retail outlets, personal values, self-image and personality traits, perceptions about organic foods, usage rate, loyalty status and user status. This study has explored and identified the key segmentation variables for the Australian organic food market. The Australian organic farms and organisations aiming for a sustained presence could consider this study as a basis of the future and strategic marketing plan.

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