Working paper

A conversation about energy futures for remote Australian communities – summary and analysis of workshop findings

Energy consumption Rural and remote communities Energy transition Alice Springs

The ‘Energy futures in remote Australian communities’ project conducted two workshops in May 2014 with the purpose of developing a collaborative understanding of how alternative energy-related practices may impact on the future liveability of selected communities in remote Australia, focusing on housing and transport. The workshops had the following specific objectives:

1. To understand participants’ thoughts and preferences with respect to energy-related housing and transport practices that are important for remote Australia (both in the present and considering a set of future scenarios)

2. To learn more about participants’ experiences related to the above topics

3. To seek content and process recommendations that might support ongoing dialogue and collaboration among interested participants (including processes appropriate for smaller remote communities).

The workshops were designed to build capacity of people based in particular place-based communities to answer the following key research question through dialogue and conversation, drawing upon participatory and collaborative research approaches: If the future is uncertain, a strong economy, progressive social attitudes and policy support for energy-related innovations cannot be guaranteed. In your region, what particular policies and innovations should be promoted as no-regrets strategies, regardless of what the future holds? What policies and innovative practices may create new synergies or desired development dynamics?

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