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The impacts of, and strategies to ameliorate, the intensity of climate change on enterprises in remote Australia

11 Feb 2015

The Cooperative Research Centre for Remote Economic Participation (CRC-REP) is conducting research to explore the impacts of climate change on the enterprises that are integral to the economy of central and northern Australia. This report outlines strategies to lessen these multiple impacts. The CRC-REP acknowledges that climate change is one of a range of drivers of change shaping the lives and businesses in remote Australia, but one that can be increasingly understood and prepared for to reduce the negative impacts.

Key messages:

• Pathways for effective adaptation are not necessarily clear or straightforward and are likely to include some risk and uncertainty.

• Enterprises’ planning should incorporate this risk and uncertainty.

• Adaptation needs to be seen as an ongoing process, so enterprises should create strategies for regularly reviewing their performance and strategic direction and develop strategies for change as necessary (adaptive management).

• Individual enterprises should support sector-specific initiatives that scan and evaluate the drivers of change for people and enterprises in remote Australia (including fluctuating economic circumstances, operating costs, demographic movements, climate change) with analyses synthesised for stakeholders.

• Communities should establish and support processes that help enterprise managers exchange information, review their current performance, benchmark with peers and take active steps to build the assets (capitals) that underpin their livelihoods and enhance resilience.

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