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DASSH response to the call for comment on combining Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) and the Higher Education Research Data Collection (HERDC)

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DASSH welcomes the Australian Government’s acceptance of the recommendation to create a single higher education research data collection system contained in the PhillipsKPA “Review of the Reporting Requirements for Universities”.

DASSH is strongly supportive of Option 1, as it would significantly lessen the administrative burden upon universities in regard to submitting data. Option 1 provides the most accurate reflection of a university’s research outputs, especially creative and performing arts outputs, which are not currently eligible in HERDC, and the submission and collection processes do not change.

While Non-Traditional Research Outputs (NTROs) are given equal recognition in the ERA data collection, they continue to be excluded from the HERDC data collection. DASSH highlights the need for consistency and clarity in how NTROs are handled. There is also need to address issues of the quality and equivalence of NTROs compared to traditional outputs.

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