Anne Walstab


Improving participation and success in VET for disadvantaged learners

Why do some regions perform better with disadvantaged learners than others? Identified through the analysis of a number of data sources, this research explores the strategies and practices in place at TAFE and other private and community education providers.

Educational opportunity in Australia 2015: who succeeds and who misses out

This study draws together information on the opportunities being provided to young Australians as they negotiate the various stages of education and training and attempt to establish themselves in the workforce during their transition to adulthood.

How young people are faring 2010

Despite Australia’s overall economic recovery, this report finds that young people continue to feel the negative impacts of the global financial crisis. How Young People are Faring 2010 (HYPAF), is an annual report on the learning-and-earning situation of young Australians. The 2010 report shows that...
Journal article

Participation in VET across Australia: a regional analysis

Taking factors into account, such as cultural, linked to attitudes associated with social, racial and ethnic values and lifestyles, the regions where participation is well above or well below average are identified. An effort is made to identify the industries and communities in regions which...