Thais da C. L. Alves

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Investigation of the use of Lean construction practices in transportation construction projects

The use of Lean Construction (LC) concepts and tools has advanced in different sectors in the United States, including but not limited to, delivery of commercial, educational, and hospital buildings. Many contractors working on these sectors appear to use more collaborative forms of contracts and...
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Contracting for collaboration in construction

The promotion of more collaborative environments stands front and center as a solution to the industry problems by promoting, via contractual terms, collaborative behaviors and processes. This study investigates the language of construction contracts by identifying keywords commonly associated with collaboration and comparing the incidence...
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Building a lean culture: engaging the value stream

This paper, the third in the series of building a Lean culture, shares success stories on how organizations in the company’s value stream applied Lean Leadership (LL) knowledge to their business including value stream mapping, Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA), go and see, and effective meetings. It also...
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Target Value Design inspired practices to deliver sustainable buildings

The design of environmentally-friendly buildings relies on the work of interdisciplinary teams who have to look at problems in a holistic way. Teams need to communicate, collaborate, and make decisions not solely based on first cost considerations. For this purpose, Target Value Design (TVD) related...
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Lean Leadership training: Lessons from a learner-centered analysis

This paper presents an analysis of a Lean Leadership (LL) training program initiated by the company about two years ago. The program's main goal was to disseminate Lean throughout the company, which has been using Lean principles in its projects for about 20 years. So...