19 Sep 2018

As the climate warms, the number of extremely hot days is increasing. While Rockhampton is known for the consistency of its warm summer weather, the number of extremely hot days (over 35 degrees) has been relatively low. The average number of over 35 degree days...


A case study of Indigenous student retention and transition in Central Queensland
31 Aug 2017

This report examines the success of the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) program operating from CQ University campuses, and the impact it has on individuals’ lives.

Conference paper

16 Feb 2017

Housing unaffordability creates pressures on economic and social life of an individual to a community. Periodic housing unaffordability in Queensland resource and regional communities are common over the last two decades. This paper examined the perceived household risks to periodic housing unaffordability in Queensland resource...


16 Sep 2016

As the world works to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it will need to burn less coal. As a result, the world will need less coal mines. In the lead up to the Paris climate talks in December 2015, President Anote Tong of Kiribati and other...



27 May 2015

Place Based Income Management (PBIM) is a trial which was initiated as a part of the Better Futures, Local Solutions place-based initiatives, within the Building Australia’s Future Workforce (BAFW) package. This package is a group of initiatives which aim to assist vulnerable families and children,...

Conference paper

4 Dec 2014

Regional communities in Queensland, Australia are the life-blood of the state; contributing more than 80% of exports goods and services, as well as about 16 billion dollars each year to the state’s economy. Weather-related disasters such as floods have become more frequent over the last...



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