1 Sep 2018

This report report examines the choice facing the people of Bougainville and asks the question of ‘to mine or not to mine’?


A preliminary view of the economic impact of development
6 Aug 2018

This resource outlines the findings from a preliminary assessment by ACIL Allen into offshore oil exploration and development in the Great Australian Bight, emphasising the economic benefits that would be realised by South Australia.


15 Dec 2017

This report concludes that much expenditure in regional areas does little to facilitate adjustment and long term development - and that governments could coordinate better and evaluate their activities in Australia's regions.

Discussion paper

1 Dec 2017

This discussion paper provides an overview of how mine rehabilitation is currently regulated in NSW, and seeks public feedback on proposals to improve rehabilitation outcomes for state-significant mining developments.


23 Nov 2017

This report explores the correlation between the drivers of violent extremism and the different activities undertaken throughout a mining project’s life cycle in order to identify potential risks and opportunities.


23 Nov 2017

This paper examines how the Australian mining sector should step up efforts aimed at preventing and countering violent extremism (P/CVE) in Africa.

Briefing paper

1 Nov 2017

Discusses two sets of industry guidelines published by the Chinese government for Chinese companies investing in overseas mining projects.


20 Oct 2017

The mutual isolation of Anglophone and Francophone scholars has formed a barrier to systematic comparison of the relationship between large-scale mines and local-level politics in Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia, despite their geographical proximity.

Discussion paper

19 Oct 2017

Media analysis in this report shows that over the last year, the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) has overwhelmingly focused its energy on promoting coal and opposing cleaner energy sources like renewables.


What we do and don’t know about mines, closures and rehabilitation in Victoria
28 Aug 2017

State government agencies often lack basic information on how many mines are in operation, with still less published on closures and abandonments.

Journal article

22 Aug 2017

An Australian case study is presented of an ongoing conflict between Alcoa World Alumina, a multi-national mining company and the impacted stakeholders of Yarloop, a small rural community in Western Australia.


17 Aug 2017

This paper highlights some of China’s interests and activities in the Australian Antarctic Territory, which include undeclared military activities and mineral exploration.


A trusted partnership – celebrating the 60th anniversary of the 1957 Australia – Japan Agreement on Commerce
28 Jul 2017

This report outlines how one of Australia's oldest economic partners is building on established ties to support the next wave of innovation and growth.


25 Jul 2017

This Roadmap outlines Queensland's vision for the sector to become a global leader in the development of commercially valuable solutions for the energy and resources industry worldwide.


17 Jul 2017

New research shows that the development of Adani and other Galilee basin mines would reduce NSW coal royalties by over $10 billion to 2035.

Discussion paper

24 May 2017

This paper provides a high-level but comprehensive review of the status, as of mid-2016, of the artisanal and small-scale mining industry in post-conflict Bougainville, drawing on extensive fieldwork conducted during 2014–16.

Technical report

Department of Planning and Environment
11 May 2017

This audit found that security deposits held by the NSW government are unlikely to cover full costs of mine rehabilitation (in the event of default by a mining company) and do not include sufficient contingency given the substantial risks and uncertainties associated with mine rehabilitation...

Journal article

8 May 2017


In 2012 the Exclusive Economic Zone and Continental Shelf (Environmental Affairs) Act (EEZ Act) established a discretionary consenting regime for resource activities and development in New Zealand waters beyond the territorial sea – the exclusive economic zone. The act sought to strike...

Audio podcast

3 May 2017

For over a quarter of a century Australia has escaped recession. It is a remarkable achievement, close to a global record. Yet despite continuous growth, Australia scrambles to make ends meet. This is the eighth year of a national budget deficit.

So with a...


23 Apr 2017

How should Australia plan for safe and productive post-mining landscapes?



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