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Gold Coast

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The availability and promotion of low-alcohol beverages in licensed venues: an environmental audit on the Gold Coast, Australia

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Ben Desbrow
This study explores the availability, visibility, advertising and promotion of low-alcohol products at licensed venues, through an audit of licensed venues in four entertainment locations in the popular tourist destination of the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Gold Coast independent screen production

The Gold Coast City Council commissioned this study to investigate independent screen production activity and capacity in the City of Gold Coast. The study focuses on the activities of screen workers who live and work on the Gold Coast, or those who may live outside...

Heatwatch: extreme heat in the Gold Coast

The combination of the projected rise in extreme heat as a result of global warming and the high levels of humidity at the Gold Coast present a serious risk to the health and wellbeing of the region’s population.
Conference paper

Towards Gold Coast smart city: a combination of local planning priorities and international best practices

Smart cities are no longer limited to a handful of metropolitan branded cities; as a large number of mid-sized cities have now joined the trend to become smart. Australia has also introduced its Smart Cities Plan in 2016; emphasizing the opportunities and challenges Australian cities...
Conference paper

The adaptation roller-coaster: planning for climate change on the Gold Coast, Queensland

With over half a million people, the Gold Coast is currently the sixth largest city in Australia and one of the most rapidly developing urban areas in the country. Unfortunately, it is also highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change and has been hard...
Conference paper

Gold Coast light rail performance-based public private partnerships: an effective delivery model?

Light rail as a means for inner-city transit is undergoing a renaissance across Australia. Introducing a new mode of public transport, light rail projects can become catalytic agents for urban renewal. Unable or reluctant to deliver light rail infrastructure, Australian governments have turned to the...
Conference paper

Walking for recreation: an innovative method for creating a GIS-based walkability surface on the Gold Coast, Australia

Encouraging greater levels of physical activity is a key policy focus in many urban areas, given the link between this and improved physical and mental health outcomes. The majority of previous studies on walkability however, have focussed on walking for transport; and generally consisted of...

Great ideas for the Gold Coast

This report sets out initiatives that seek to position the Gold Coast to retain its competitive advantage.

GC2018 draft transport operations plan

The Draft Transport Operations Plan for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) has been released for public comment until 28 February 2017. In the Draft Transport Operations Plan, you will find Games-time travel options for spectators, Games workforce, visitors, residents, businesses and freight transporters.
Conference paper

Everything old is new again

This paper uses nostalgia, and especially 'social nostalgia', as a key to exploring the impacts of changes in the caravanning landscape since the early part of the twentieth century, using the Gold Coast as a case study. It shows that whilst the caravanning landscape has...
Conference paper

Gold Coast icon

This paper outlines the Gold Coast Icon project, a research project being undertaken by the Council of the City of Gold Coast that aims to explore and reveal the places and spaces that tell the quintessential and important stories of the Gold Coast’s development during...
Conference paper

Ironic icons: hypersexualisation and the Surfers Paradise meter maid

The Surfers Paradise Meter Maid wears a gold bikini to promote the region of Surfer’s Paradise on the east coast of Australia. The “celebrity” Meter Maid first appeared in 1964 and can be mapped to coincide with a range of conflations during that time where...
Conference paper

Data for local economic development planning

Since 1998 the National Institute of Economic and Industry Research has prepared an annual State of the Regions report for the Australian Local Government Association. The report includes coverage of urban as well as country regions.
Conference paper

The tide is high: evaluating climate change adaptation and disaster resilience at the local level

This paper reviews the institutional context of the Gold and Sunshine Coasts in addressing urban resilience to climate-related disasters.
Conference paper

Urban design guidelines for places with restorative values

This paper proposes an urban design model for the governance of accessibility to the inviting, secure and comfortable places associated with the values found in restorative environments.
Conference paper

Planning the unplanned city: the story of the Gold Coast

This paper reviews the history of regulatory planning on the Gold Coast, encompassing decisions affecting the form and development of its earliest settlements through to its periods of greatest construction and most streamlined decision–making.
Conference paper

Beach erosion and nourishment in Gold Coast: Perceptions, policies and prospects

This paper conducts an exploratory pilot research project to examine the question of - “how do local residents and tourists perceive the problem of beach erosion and to what extent are they willing to support beach nourishment initiatives”?
Conference paper

Socially healthy ageing: the importance of third places, soft edges and walkable neighbourhoods

This paper discusses the impacts of physical neighbourhood environments on the social life — a component of social health — of older people. The research is focused on where, in the neighbourhood, the social life of older people takes place.
Conference paper

Creating a centre for the centre-less city: the case of the Gold Coast

This paper examines this unusual case in order to determine how successful a newly created CBD can be and what factors are important in its planning.

Smart start - preloading and a safe night out: Gold Coast preloading

This paper aims to report the occurrence of preloading within a Gold Coast sample. The aim is to assess: Who is preloading; Where they are preloading; Type of preloading; How much they are preloading; What motivates people to preload?
Working paper

Transport oriented urban transformation: contribution to urban futures

Executive Summary Recent experience shows that action to improve the efficiency and outcomes of city transport systems, linked to well-planned urban development, can deliver substantial economic, social and environmental benefits to the community and to government. The Australian Capital Territory Government is implementing a strategy...
Discussion paper

Risky facilities: analysis of crime concentration in high-rise buildings

This paper investigates the security of high rise high density accommodation at the Gold Coast – a premier Australian holiday destination. Surfers Paradise has one of the highest population densities in Australia at 3,279 persons per square kilometre and over 70 percent of the residential...
Conference paper

The value of place: development conflicts on the Southport Spit, Gold Coast

Development conflicts can emerge as a result of different meanings, values and attachments to places. This paper will review the on–going (2005–2013) development conflict on the Southport Spit, one of the last significant undeveloped public green spaces on the Gold Coast. Our aim is to...
Conference paper

The paradox of paradise: Declining government responses to the increasing risks of climate change for the Gold Coast

Since early 2012 all governments have been cutting back their investments in climate change adaptation. This paper explores the paradox of a declining response in the face of an increasing risk in the Gold Coast

Commonwealth Games: friendly rivalry

This paper looks back at how the Commonwealth Games came to be, Australia’s experience of staging the event and contemplates how the Gold Coast will deal with that legacy and surmount perceived and unexpected complications that will inevitably surface before the 2018 Games’ Opening Ceremony.