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Environmental accounting: Are there tools for living off the ecological interest and not the capital?

Since at least the 1960’s there has been a growing awareness that the whole of the human environment (its society and supporting ecosystems as well as its economy) needs to be better included in decision making. This awareness has not been restricted to a single...
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The impact of urban footprint on water quality

Current approaches to safeguarding urban water quality can be largely ineffective as they focus on standard ‘end-of-pipe’ solutions. Problems of urban water pollution need do be dealt with at source rather than end of pipe and as such will only be remedied through innovative planning.
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Changing patterns of disadvantage in Gold Coast City

This paper investigates social divisions and the spatial patterns that result from differential levels of engagement with jobs and housing markets in a contemporary Australian urban setting.

Gold Coast independent screen production

The Gold Coast City Council commissioned this study to investigate independent screen production activity and capacity in the City of Gold Coast. The study focuses on the activities of screen workers who live and work on the Gold Coast, or those who may live outside...
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Food, water, energy, waste: an examination of socio-technical issues for urban prosumers: Part 2 (Results and Discussion)

The purpose of this paper (parts I and II) is to examine the socio-technical factors that affect urban food production and associated energy, water and waste services. Part I introduced the growing role of prosumers, discussed the context of the human relationship with food and...
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Food, water, energy, waste: an examination of socio-technical issues for urban prosumers – Part 1 (Context)

The human relationship with food is an under-acknowledged contributor towards climate change and environmental degradation. However, citizens’ choices and actions regarding food consumption and production in urban settings are shaped by the economic, cultural and infrastructure systems in which they live.
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The value of place: development conflicts on the Southport Spit, Gold Coast

Development conflicts can emerge as a result of different meanings, values and attachments to places. This paper will review the on–going (2005–2013) development conflict on the Southport Spit, one of the last significant undeveloped public green spaces on the Gold Coast. Our aim is to...
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Ironic icons: hypersexualisation and the Surfers Paradise meter maid

The Surfers Paradise Meter Maid wears a gold bikini to promote the region of Surfer’s Paradise on the east coast of Australia. The “celebrity” Meter Maid first appeared in 1964 and can be mapped to coincide with a range of conflations during that time where...
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Everything old is new again

This paper uses nostalgia, and especially 'social nostalgia', as a key to exploring the impacts of changes in the caravanning landscape since the early part of the twentieth century, using the Gold Coast as a case study. It shows that whilst the caravanning landscape has...
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Gold Coast icon

This paper outlines the Gold Coast Icon project, a research project being undertaken by the Council of the City of Gold Coast that aims to explore and reveal the places and spaces that tell the quintessential and important stories of the Gold Coast’s development during...