Digital health in Australia: what works, and future directions

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Digital health technologies have attracted much attention in the popular media and medical, health services and public health literature. While digital health technologies hold potential for improving health and medical care, there are many issues to be resolved in facilitating their provision and efficacy, and managing the sensitive health information generated from their use. Eliciting the views and experiences of the diverse constituents in the digital health ecosystem is important. As a step towards this objective, a digital health stakeholder workshop was held in Canberra, Australia, in June 2017.

As part of a living lab approach using social design methods, the workshop participants engaged in hands-on activities addressing two key questions:

1) What is currently working and not working in digital health? and;
2) Where should digital health go in the future?

The workshop outcomes demonstrated the complex relations between individual consumers and healthcare providers, social groups, organisations and the digital health technologies that are currently used in Australia.

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