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Apartment living is the preferred choice of many people. Apartments are often more affordable and may have lower running costs than other types of housing. For many people renting an apartment can be an effective choice to provide for a variety of lifestyles. This Guide contains a number of tips to assist when considering renting or buying an apartment, particularly off-the-plan. These tips are a starting point only and you may need to seek professional advice to consider some of them in more detail. Further information including checklists and rental advice is also provided by Consumer Affairs Victoria and links to these resources are provided in the following pages. Many of the issues raised will also apply if you are considering other dwelling types. Note that a decision to purchase or rent often involves a trade-off between a range of factors including budget, lifestyle and different design aspects that are specific to your needs. For example, prospective buyers and renters may need to consider location and the costs associated with different apartment features, such as balcony size or proximity to services (such as schools or parks).

This Guide consists of two parts. Part 1 includes links to a number of useful resources from Consumer Affairs Victoria. Part 2 includes tips for what to think about when considering the suitability of an apartment for your living needs. When considering apartment living it is also useful to investigate examples of the previous work of designers, builders and developers where possible. This includes visiting previous apartments or housing built by the same developer or designer, and looking at their websites or other online forums. This will assist in setting expectations for amenity and quality that match your available budget.

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