Partnering with Australia on innovation, science and research

Version 2 July 2017
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This booklet promotes Australia as an international partner of choice on innovation, science and research. You are encouraged to distribute and use the booklet when engaging with international contacts (including governments, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors) to showcase Australia's innovation and science credentials and encourage investment in and collaboration with Australia's world-class research organisations and businesses.

The booklet supports the objectives of the National Innovation and Science Agenda's Global Innovation Strategy (GIS). The GIS represents a whole-of-government framework aimed at advancing Australia's international innovation and science expertise by encouraging Australian researchers and businesses to collaborate with international counterparts and leverage opportunities and expertise to gain access to global markets. The partnering booklet should be seen as a companion piece to the GIS.

The booklet has been developed for as broad an international audience as possible. As a result, it takes a factual overview approach to collaboration opportunities and does not include many country-specific case studies. The booklet also directs international organisations and individuals to seek out an Australian partner or partners, in the first instance, to explore opportunities to collaborate.

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