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This document is the first in what will be an annual report series. The reports will show how the New Zealand science and innovation system is performing in key areas. They will cover the relevant people, skills, knowledge, infrastructure and funding across government, education and business. This includes the outputs of research activity, such as scientific publications, and the impacts of science and innovation on outcomes which New Zealanders value.

We are particularly interested in the impacts the science and innovation system creates for the economy, health, society and the environment. Impact is the eventual effect of science and innovation. It is difficult to measure because of the many pathways by which it can occur, the many drivers of socio-economic outcomes and the time lags in the system. The reports will tackle this by presenting deeper analysis in different focus areas as well as case studies on particular scientific breakthroughs. Over time, this will allow us to build up a picture of the links between system activities and outcomes for New Zealand.

The report series is intended to be a resource for the many people and institutions who contribute to the performance of the science and innovation system. It will:

  • increase transparency by publishing regular data on expenditure, outputs, impacts and performance of the science and innovation system
  • provide a single evidence base to inform government policy decisions and longer-term strategy
  • report on progress against goals in the National Statement of Science Investment
  • highlight strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in the system and stimulate discussion among policymakers, funders, researcher institutes, businesses and ‘end-users’ to improve system performance.
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