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Telstra’s proposal to vary the migration plan to facilitate the rollout of fibre to the curb for the NBN: discussion paper

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The ACCC has released this discussion paper on Telstra’s proposed variation to the migration plan to facilitate the rollout of 'fibre to the curb' for the NBN, together with some other proposed variations to the plan. 

Telstra’s proposed variation includes changes to:

  • facilitate the rollout of FTTC as an access technology for the NBN
  • amend the duration of the Order Stability Period  (a period which allows Telstra time to clear pending orders before the process of permanently disconnecting existing services and connecting to the NBN commences)
  • clarify the application of the Cease Sale restrictions  to include all serviceable locations in multi dwelling units.

The ACCC’s consideration of the proposed variation is limited to whether or not the migration plan, as varied, complies with the migration plan principles issued by the Australian government in 2015.

The ACCC is undertaking public consultation on the proposed variation for five weeks and is seeking feedback from interested parties on any competition or consumer issues which may arise as a result of the proposal.

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