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Evidence-based decision making (EBDM) is a framework that has yielded huge benefits in fields ranging from medicine to social policy. While the concept is becoming popular in the built environment sector and terms such as “evidence-based design” are now widely used, our research has shown that EBDM is not in fact widely practised, and certainly not to its full potential. Valuable opportunities are being lost as a consequence, including opportunities to create better buildings and increase the expertise of the professionals who make pivotal decisions about how buildings are designed and completed.

This document:

  • outlines EBDM and its potential
  • describes current industry practices and how these fall short of EBDM
  • highlights under-exploited sources of high-quality information, and
  • offers strategies to promote the use of EBDM.

It is a product of Closing the Loop, a comprehensive four-year research project undertaken by the Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living (CRC LCL) and its partners. It has been written for senior decision makers working in the built environment sector and is based on insights provided by more than 200 senior industry professionals.  Building Better Decisions is one of a series of CRC LCL guides aimed at improving decision making practices in the built environment sector and connecting decision-makers with the best available evidence.

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