At end June 2007, there were 45 businesses in Australia involved in the provision of digital game development services. These businesses employed over 1,400 people and generated a total income of $136.9m which represented an average of $3m per business.Australia's digital game developers generated $136.9 million in income during 2006-07, according to estimates by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The 45 game developers reported an operating profit before tax of $8.5 million and an operating profit margin of 6.2%. The major source of income was the provision of game development services ($116.9 million), with most of that income (93% or $108m) coming from overseas businesses. Games developed for console formats (e.g. PS2, PS3, Xbox, Wii) accounted for nearly three-quarters (71.1% or $83.2 million) of game development services income. Games developed for PC and Mac formats accounted for 14.6% ($17.1 million). Two states - Queensland and Victoria - accounted for the majority of game development income (40.4% and 33.2% respectively) and employment (48.6% and 33%).

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